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Writing a Book

If you are looking for a unique and impressive way to MAKE money, SAVE money and CLOSE DEALS in your business, there is nothing quite as effective as writing a book. A book can act as the ultimate business card, open doors to speaking and media engagements and give you instant relevance in your field, as you are the person who literally “wrote the book” in your industry. It can also streamline business practices and save time—and money—in your training sessions and in-house processes. Whether you write your book yourself or have it written for you by a ghostwriter, the benefits of a book will come back to you exponentially and for years to come.

A book can give your business a “leg up”, setting you apart from your competitors.

A book can be used in-house to streamline your processes, reinforce your brand and save you money.

A book can be used as the ultimate “business card”, to close deals and stay in touch

According to the Small Business Association, over 625,000 new businesses open each year. Those new, enthusiastic business owners—together with the existing businesses—form a lot of competition if you want to get your business seen, remembered and respected in such a crowded marketplace. Building your market is all about exposure and perception—people must be made aware of you and your business, and then they must have a positive impression in order to want to work with you. Writing a book helps by setting you apart from your competitors while establishing your credibility in the field—a win-win!

There is no doubt about it—having a book “to your name” sets you apart in a way like no other. In fact, once you have written a book, you will find that it is so critical to your professional persona that the words “author of  Ghostwriter” will appear right after your name—before any other credentials.

Do people understand exactly what you do, and how it can benefit them? Are you running a non-profit with amazing success stories—and if you have 20 minutes you can tell someone all about it? Do you wish to have plenty of time to share anecdotes, success stories and unique ways your product or service was exactly what was needed by another person to build their own success?

There are many ways to illustrate, illuminate and educate others to all of the wonderful stories behind your business—creative advertising, videos, blogs, articles and news reports to name a few—but only one that can tell the whole story for others to read and pass along . . .

A book

Perhaps you’ve noticed that everyone from news reporters to Oprah favor authors in finding an “expert” opinion on something. If an article writer had a choice of who to quote, what criteria could they use to differentiate among similar-sounding professionals in a field? The one who wrote a book stands out from the others, as the media contact is left to presume that ‘they must know something if they wrote a book!”

Would more speaking engagements help to boost your business? Whether you want to speak for a living or speaking to encourage more business, a book is an absolute necessity on the speaker circuit. Take a look at any speaker application form—from school speakers to national keynote speakers, and not only will you find a place on the application to write the title of your book . . . it is a required field! In many cases, you can’t even submit the application without first writing a book. Audiences want to hear from “experts”, and nothing makes you and expert quite as quickly as publishing a book.

There are as many different ways of writing a book as there are books in the world, and truly no “right” or “wrong” way, as long as it gets done. The first decision is who is actually going to do the writing. You may already be aware that not all books are written by the person whose name is on the cover, so there is definitely some grey area here with deciding who will write your book. You can certainly write your book yourself, but depending upon your time, experience and expertise, writing your own book may not be feasible or even the best use of your time. With a ghostwriter, a professional is taking care of the technical details behind writing while you can continue to focus upon your business.

While a ghostwriter can remove the stress, pressure and time element from you in regards to your new book, hiring a ghostwriter doesn’t mean that you will have no input into the creative process at all Quite the contrary, a ghostwriter for the types of non-fiction books we are discussing should be gathering information, conducting interviews and learning about exactly what needs to be written in the book. In the case of utilizing a ghostwriter for manuals and other in-house books, a ghostwriter can be considered a “contracted consultant” who visits your place of business and works with your staff to develop the best possible book to streamline processes and save you time and money. All of that and you don’t need to type a word—a pretty good deal for all!

When considering whether or not your should take the time to write your own book or utilize a professional ghostwriter, consider the following:

  • When would you like your book to be completed?
  • What will be different in your life or business once your book is published?
  • Is there anything “on hold” in your life or business until your book is completed? Are there closed doors you would like opened, and they will be once your book is published?

Our goal is to get your book written—without stress, pressure or excessive time demands. Once you begin to see that possibilities that having a book brings to your business, you will want a book as quickly—and painlessly!—as possible, so that you can go onto the next phase of your professional life . . . as a published author!