Flexible content solutions to meet your unique needs.


Our clients’ needs are as varied as their industries, and so we offer a variety of services to meet their writing and publishing needs. Our ghostwriters work on projects of a variety of lengths, from blog posts to full-length books. Some examples include:


For publication and social media posting

Website content

Optimized for search engines

Short stories

For personal and professional use


Ranging from 5-25 pages

Short books

Used for marketing and give-a-ways


To build website traffic

Full-length Books

Including personal books drafted from a series of interviews through fully-researched and annotated books with full citations

Workbooks and textbooks

For use in classroom or training situations

Guidebooks and handbooks

For customers and employees

Multi-volume sets

On a variety of subjects

We offer publication services to benefit our clients, including:

Digital publication and distribution worldwide to Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Apple, Google Play and other online book distributors, as well as set-ups for free or paid website digital book downloads.

Print publication in paperback and hardcover for worldwide distribution and purchase, including availability to bookstores and libraries worldwide, as well as online booksellers and retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and others.

Digital distribution of shorter content to websites and social media platforms.

Print set-ups for shorter content to printable files.

Whatever your writing or publication needs, we are ready to help you to achieve your goals.