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Ghostwriters Books

What Types of Books are Written by Ghostwriters?

There are as many different types of books written by ghostwriters as there are books. With over 60% of books being written at least in part by a ghostwriter, that means that the majority of books you see in a store are written by ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are especially valuable for books written:

To promote and further the business or career of a professional who simply doesn’t have the time to toil over the actual writing of the book. Such books can establish the author as relevant in their field by literally “writing the book” in a particular area.

To be distributed as the ultimate “business card” to business associates or prospective clients to seal the deal. When a person is handed a book from the author at a meeting, that book has FAR more impact than a mere business card in securing a return call or closing a deal.

to use in workshops or training sessions. Customized books deliver an incredible message of confidence and success, and employees and students who use tailor-made materials are better educated in the subject at hand, as well as great ambassadors for the business to others.

To sell at seminars and when delivering speeches. If a person wishes to secure more speaking engagements, a book is a must; and after the speech, having books for sale helps to secure the speaker’s message and promotes referrals to others.

To preserve and distribute a memoir. Everyone has a story; but certainly, not everyone can write it! A ghostwriter can interview a subject, conduct research into people and places, and develop a memoir, complete with maps, photos, and historical references.

To collect recipes, tips or other material—for fun, profit or to celebrate a milestone. This could be for a family, church, organization, or any group, and a ghostwriter can act as a project manager, organizing submissions by others, editing and compiling them along with providing additional material.

With the assistance of a ghostwriter, you can be the author you’ve always wanted to be! Perhaps you have wanted to be:

An author of non-fiction

Using your books as business cards or resume “bullets” as a tangible acknowledgment of your expertise and experience

An author of fiction

Perhaps you have amazing and fantastical stories to share with enthusiastic readers, whether these tales involve intrigue, crime, travel, romance, or touch upon the paranormal or introspective.

A self-help author

Specializing in how-to books for professionals to use to further their businesses and achieve their goals

A memoir author

Such an amazing and poignant way to preserve the lives of family and friends, and provide the ultimate and eternal gift

Whatever type of book you want, our ghostwriters can key into your needs, writing style and book genre to produce the book you have always wanted but don’t have the time, expertise or patience to develop yourself. Our ghostwriters have written all sorts of books for our clients—from business books to baby books, finance to family histories—and are ready to get started on YOUR book. Contact us today, and you’ll be autographing your new book before you know it!