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How much do ghostwriters cost?

Good question! Ghostwriters can charge by the word or by the project, depending upon their own business model, as well as the project at hand. We at Ghostwriters generally charge by the project—with an estimate of the number of words required for the project—as it doesn’t make grammatical nor creative sense to craft text around a word count. That being said, there are certain parameters under which we all exist, such as the typical length for a blog post or newsletter, as well as target book lengths for different needs and genres. When you contact us about your writing project, we will give you a price proposal for the project, which will include an approximate number/range of words we expect for such a project.

How long does it take to write a book?

You would be amazed at how quickly a book can be completed by a writer once all of the facts are in place. The amount of time we estimate for our projects is dependant upon several factors, including:

1. Availability of source material: that could mean meeting with other people for interviews/information, compiling information that
is given in advance or gathering text/photos from a client author. For this area, the client will determine the amount of time
2. Research time: many of our writing projects involve extensive research, so we will establish a time to allow for such work.
3. Writing: The actual writing time will depend upon whether the writing is straight writing, such as articles or unresearched/cited
book content, required citations and quotes, which requires more time to write.

A target completion date will be contracted from these different factors, and barring any unforeseen circumstances—like a person is unavailable for interviews—will be met in a timely matter.

Whose name goes on the cover of a book?

The author of the book is listed and forever known as the person who contracted the book’s writing. The ghostwriter’s name will not be connected to the book in any way.

Should I have an NDA - non-disclosure agreement - for my ghostwriter?

NDA forms are not typically used in the publishing industry. However, we feel that the comfort level and trust of our client/authors is paramount, and will certainly prepare an NDA for our clients, and edit our standard form to meet your needs.

When a book is completed, who owns the copyright?

The author/client should always own the copyright. This should be non-negotiable with anyone with whom you deal.

Can a ghostwriter really write a book that “sounds” like me?

Absolutely! A professional ghostwriter will work to match the tone, attitude and common verbiage of the author in order to produce the best possible book. Additionally, the author should have the final approval on a book, and have the freedom to offer suggestions and changes as needed.

Will others find out that a book has been ghostwritten?

If you work with us, the answer is absolutely not, as our commitment is to maintain the integrity and anonymity of the ghostwriter/author relationship. We will never reveal our clients, and ghostwriters’ names will never be connected with your work.