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Whether your business is an online business or off-line business, your potential customers are finding you on the internet. There are very few businesses that count on a walk-in, spontaneous customer simply coming through the door. Perhaps the “golden arches” attracts customers to McDonald’s, but for most businesses, potential customers are doing a web search—from a computer or from their phone—in order to find and select businesses to visit and use. So how can you get your business to rank higher on Google? The Google algorithms are nothing if not complex, secretive and ever-changing, but one thing is for sure: content is king! We specialize in search-engine optimized content developed to rank your business well, while also reflecting the best of your business attributes and set you above the competition.

What is search engine optimized content? And why is it so important for your business to include SEO writing in your web presence, as well as a vital part of your overall online marketing strategy? The search engines—most notably Google, which accounts for the great majority of searches in this country, both desktop and mobile—rank websites and other web content according to a long, complicated and unpublicized set of attributes, and these rankings will affect where your business ranks both in internet browser searches, as well as in directories, listings, and map functions. Quite simply, ranking high can make the difference between being a lucrative business and going out of business. If potential customers can’t find you, they can’t use your services or purchase your products, and with so many different options proliferating every day, it is important to stand out from among the rest. Even if your product or service is much better than that of your competitors, no one will know that if they can’t find you on the internet. With over 1.5 billion websites in existence, search engine optimization is vital to the very existence of your business and having optimized, professional content on the web adds unimaginable value to your web presence.

So how can you get optimized content? You can certainly write it yourself, but be aware that there are several ways that SEO writing differs from traditional writing. For one thing, when writing search engine optimized content, you must be prepared to write a lot, so if you find yourself teetering out after just a few sentences or experiencing writers’ block within a few thousand words, this may not be for you. You must also be prepared to write about very specific, niche subjects which are selected because of their value in a search engine. Such niche subjects may not be necessarily those that interest you personally, yet you will need to write (and write and write) about such specific areas if you are to properly write optimized content. If you will be writing your own SEO rich content, you must be prepared to research extensively first—in order to narrow down those subject areas and keywords which are most valuable to your business—and then write extensively about these particular areas. It isn’t “creative writing” by any stretch, but targeted writing crafted for a specific purpose and goal.

Another option is to hire a ghostwriter—who in this case will be a copywriter, as they are writing web-optimized copy or content. With a ghostwriter, you can express your search goals, prospective terms and areas of interest and your writer will take it from there, conducting the necessary research, crafting the targeted subject area and writing the needed copy of the ideal length and word density to appeal to the computer bots which are utilized by the search engines. A skilled and knowledgeable web writer is worth their weight in gold, as a benefit to your business due to improved findability throughout the web, in maps and directories, is immeasurable. Be aware that you must be prepared in your business to handle a large influx of online interest if you use a professional writer to develop your optimized content, as you will find your business ranking higher than before and your phone will be ringing.

Imagine first how your business would look in the future if potential customers find you easily in an online search. If most of your customers come to you via word of mouth or referrals, how different would your business look if, in addition to such referrals, new customers were also entering the mix on a regular basis? Would you need to do things differently in your business in order to accommodate such an increase in customer numbers? Will you need to hire additional help in order to handle more customers? When do you want this increase to occur? Do you want to wait until next month? Next year? When you finally get around to writing the content yourself?

Now imagine how your business would function while you took the time to research, develop and write your own optimized content. How long would that take? How many hours would that take you away from other areas where you are active in your business? Would you need to shortchange your current customers in order to make time for writing? Would you find—due to time constraints along with writers’ block—that having optimized content never actually gets accomplished? And once you realize how much additional revenue you could be making if your business ranked higher, are you willing to postpone—perhaps indefinitely—that increase in revenue?

Our writers work closely with computer search engine optimization specialists in order to stay abreast of developments in the field, and tailor their writing as needed. Our goal is to target your market and preferred search results, research the area and develop optimized writing for your business—in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of work for you. Contact us today, and be prepared to welcome new prospective customers who are able to easily find you on the web in no time. Your business deserves the best possible representation to the public, and the widest exposure possible to get that phone ringing.

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